At Salem First Church of the Nazarene, we refer to our small groups as "Connection Groups". These groups come in a large variety of shapes and sizes... but they all have one goal: To connect our people more meaningfully with God, each other, and our community. 

Some groups are fellowship based (just doing life together)... some groups are content based (involving some sort of a study)... but most groups are a combination of fellowship and content. For what type of group are you looking?

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Matthew Study Resources

Several of our Connection Groups are studying the same content. This year the coordinated material is a chapter-by-chapter study of the book of Matthew. All resources for the Matthew study will be made available below (in reverse order). Resources include: a printable individual lesson for each chapter in Matthew, video & audio files of Pastor Greg Hall's teaching associated with each chapter, and links to additional reference material for further individual study. Small groups that follow the Matthew study will be identified as such in the name of the group and can be searched under the "Group Type" tab. To access a current list of all available Connection Groups - CLICK HERE!

As a preview to this study you can listen to Pastor Greg Hall's January 2018 Sermon - A King Like David. In this sermon Pastor Hall discusses why the ministry of Jesus is sometimes referred to as a 'Kingdom like David's.' It's a comparison presented in the book of Matthew (and several other Old and New Testament scriptures). 

Matthew Chapter 6 - To be Discussed on 2-28-18

Matthew Chapter 5 - To be Discussed on 2-21-18

Matthew Chapter 4 - To be Discussed on 2-14-18

Matthew Chapter 3 - Discussed on 2-7-18

Matthew Chapter 2 - Discussed on 1-31-18

Matthew Chapter 1 - Discussed on 1-24-18

Matthew Introduction Week - Discussed on 1-17-18